When Life magazine visited the Baby Jane set, Bette, in the name of vanity, got to compete with Joan. Assisting on the shoot was New York illustrator Joe Eula. “We needed an old-time but classy background for Bette and Joan,” said Eula, “so we decided to photograph them sitting on the front of a vintage Rolls-Royce. (…) We had the lights set, and we were ready for the two dames. It was fairly early in the day, and they arrived wearing formal gowns, furs, and diamonds, behaving like they always dressed like this for breakfast. Bette arrived first, and Miss Crawford was late. So we sat and waited, and Davis was a little miffed. But once Crawford arrived, the two pros got in there and did their stuff. They arched their backs, threw their heads back, and we were back in the golden days when these two superstars ruled the town.”


that’s a drawing by tumblr user xhxix

Marilyn six weeks before she passed, still as ethereal and beautiful inside and out as ever by the wonderful George Barris in July, 1962 for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

 June 1st 1926 - August 4th 1962.

Versace Magazine Fall 2002 Devon Aoki by Marilyn Minter